A tour de force of smart home capability for a client who sought the latest in technology – with a healthy appetite for gadgets and toys – this prestige Canary Wharf property incorporates a whole host of custom features.


Smoke Alarm


In-wall iPad control


Under-floor heating


Custom lighting


Shadow gap lighting


Custom controlled blinds


The modern, open plan wharf kitchen and dining space feature an in-wall iPad with Savant Whole Home Control system, Nest smart smoke alarm, and concealed ducted AC with integrated controls. In addition, a Lutron keypad controls the lights and custom fabric blinds, a Heatmiser thermostat manages underfloor heating, and Lilin CCTV cameras feed in from the exterior for additional security. Finally, a shadow gap lighting scheme has been customised to work with the solid concrete structure.


A Sony 4K OLED TV, Sonos 5.1 Surround Sound, Apple TV & Sky Q create the perfect solution for entertainment, whether for quiet dining or a cinematic experience. All components are seamlessly controlled through a single Savant app.


A communal intercom system mutes home audio and pauses TV to enable the client to hear when the intercom is ringing. The Lutron lighting keypad was used to program “House Off” scenes which encompass all lighting and AV services.


Personalised to the individual level – this client wanted a mechanism that would alert him to mail received in his external mailbox the moment he opened his front door. Through custom programming, we created a system that turned the shadow gap lighting red upon receipt of mail. Conversely, if he had not received mail that day, the shadow gap lighting would turn warm white.


With a 2-minute delay and 20-minute fade time at the press of a Lutron keypad button, this feature allows the clients to be eased into their sleep with a night light that does not need to remain on all night.


A network of cameras on the property included timed “tripwires” that alert the client – via various notifications systems – if somebody has come into close proximity of the cameras at certain times of the day, or when the client was not at home.


This client loved the idea of vibrant colour, but it was important to get the look right. “Off-the-shelf” DIY kits promise such features but have significant limitations. Instead, we delivered a more robust but sympathetic LED strip lighting scheme that features warm white and RGB colours. To this day, the client has enjoyed endless amounts of fun varying this Lutron-controlled coloured lighting scheme to suit his every whim.


Let us tailor your home to you …